Finding your ideal candidate

In our previous organisations our speciality has been white collar managerial roles, predominantly within the Construction and Engineering sector. Given the amount of years we have worked in recruitment we have worked on a wide variety of different roles in various sectors. Give us a call and we will let you know if we can help. We don’t pretend to know every sector and will be honest if we can’t help, but we are pretty adaptable. We can provide whatever level of recruitment you may need, from a simple search and selection to headhunting as well as offering a full recruitment diagnostic!

Our service to each client is unique, so no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will find out more about your needs, past troubles in recruiting and what you want out of the process and offer you a bespoke solution that will hopefully fit your requirements and be cost effective and cut out some of the headaches!!

We have put some of the examples below of what we offer, but would be happy to tailor a specific package to cover your needs.

Search and Selection

Recruitment at its most obvious. What we will do is delve more into what you want, why you want it and ask the questions that will help provide you with the right candidate for your role.


You are looking for a specific candidate? Let us help.

Recruitment Diagnostic

In the same way a car diagnostic looks at how the vehicle performs, looks at fixing problematic parts and gives the car a tune up, we do the same, in a recruitment sense!

We will sit down with you (or conference call) and go over a wide range of the various steps in the recruitment process, offering alternative suggestions and trying to simplify the process making it more successful, you will be amazed with what a couple of tweaks can produce.

Some of the areas we will help with include –

Market research rates

We will look at the roles you are looking for and give you an honest appraisal of the market rates for these positions.


Re-write all your advertisements, promoting the benefits of the company and the skills needed for these roles. We will also look at sites these can be advertised moving forward, giving you maximum exposure.


Writing templates to use and helping with all paperwork needed when recruiting


Writing interview questions and techniques, maximising what you get out of the interviews. We will be happy to sit in the first few of these if you wish, to make sure they go smoothly and sharing our thoughts.


To help you be more organised in the future we will help with introducing CRM’s and all the infrastructure you need when speaking with multiple candidates over a longer period of time.

Offers and staff retention

An often-overlooked part of the process if how to present an offer and the bedding in of new employees. We will work with you on this part, which will not only help with a higher proportion of offers being accepted but help increase staff retention once they do start.

Ongoing support

We will always offer ongoing support and will be available at any time to discuss progress and even train new members of staff.

Our involvement in the diagnostic won’t be completed over a couple of days. We will spend time helping set up every aspect of the process, making sure everything works correctly. As mentioned, we would be happy to sit in on the first few interviews and help in sending out the first few offer letters to make sure the whole process is working to your satisfaction.

We feel the recruitment diagnostic could work for a variety of companies, it would especially benefit companies that potentially use recruitment agencies but want to take the process back in house, reduce agency spend and take control of the process yourself. Alternatively, if you are looking to grow and want the recruitment infrastructure in place this will undoubtedly help.

Outsourced Recruitment

This is aimed at companies who basically do not want the hassle of recruiting directly and want a company working closely with you finding you candidates quickly, efficiently, and more importantly the correct candidates …. this company is us!!!

Like the diagnostic we will sit down with you and look at all your adverts, speak with the hiring managers to find out what areas they are struggling with and what they’re looking for. We’ll work closely with you, not just for immediate recruitment needs but recruitment in the future. This way we will be proactive rather than reactive and know the exact type of skillset you are looking for. This will help us find people faster with no distribution to your work output.

You want to hear the best part?? We provide all this additional information and support and are confident we can do it cheaper (and better) than the recruitment cost you are spending with agencies at the moment.

Give us a call, let’s see if we can help

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