A family run recruitment agency

About Us

As we mentioned earlier on the site, we have worked in recruitment for longer than we care to remember! We were also Directors in a very successful recruitment company for 7 years which we helped to build from scratch before recently selling and moving to Devon. We are pretty good at what we do and have successfully managed and run several large recruitment accounts in our previous roles so will feel confident in looking after your recruitment needs.

Moon Recruitment is the trading division of Moon Island Limited, strange name eh? We thought we should explain why. Before we relocated, we were on holiday in Devon and asked our Daughter what she thought of us moving down permanently, selling our existing business and opening a new one. We did this whilst on a beach in Bantham… she was very excited! We then asked her ideas for a new name, immediately she came up with Moon Island…and even designed the logo with her toe in the sand! How could we say no to that? So Moon Island was born…courtesy of our six year old daughter! 

Why us?

We have worked in recruitment for a long time and have used all the processes and procedures we are offering you for several years. We know they work and are confident we can make positive changes to your recruitment when given the opportunity.

Recruitment isn’t rocket science, but the process of having a vacancy and filling it quickly and efficiently with the right candidate can be tricky and can fall down at a number of hurdles. We will help with each individual step, making it cost effective and time saving for you and ultimately help your business grow.

We do things a little differently and a little more personally, focusing on each of our clients individually. This makes a big difference and helps us offer a different proposal to other agencies.

We’re a friendly bunch here at Moon Recruitment, give us a call and we can have a chat about everything!